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IP Seminar 2015 Speakers Presentation | Powerpoint

Day 1

1. Dr. Keith CHAN - The Impact of AIA and Alice on Patent Filing and Management: Effects on Global Biotech/Pharma Research and Development

2. Mr. Robert KATZ - The U.S. Supreme Court and Technology

3. Dr. Hon-Man LEE - Alice and the Aftermath: What is Abstract Idea?

4. Mr. Timothy BROWNING - Introduction to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office IP Attaché Program in Asia and China

5. Mr. Barry FRANK - European Opposition Proceedings

6. Mr. Yanxi LIU - The Influence of Recent Amendment of Patent Law on Patent Commercialization


7. Dr. Yongfeng JIN - The Challenges of IP Management and Commercialization in China


8. Dr. Xiujuan CHEN - The Challenges of IP Management and Commercialization in China


9. Mr. Jerry YU - Innovative Patent Layout Methodology and Business Incorporated Operation


10. Alex ZHAO - Cross-Border Patent Legal Services Model

11. Dr. Yuanjia HU - Valuation of Pharmaceutical Patents: A Comprehensive Analytical Framework Based on Technological, Commercial and Legal Factors


Day 2

12. Dr. Keith CHAN - Patent Protection of New Diagnostic Method in Biotech/Pharma: How Much More is Significantly More?


13. Prof. Benjamin Y. M. YUNG - A Big Data Analysis Platform Unveils the Gene Interactions in Cancer


14. Dr. Waishun LO - Second Machine Age


15. Dr. Chishing CHAN - ‘WASPS’ - A Breakthrough Animal Monitoring System for Biomedical Research


16. Mr. Hu WANG - Intellectual Property Operation and Achieve Business Freedom


17. Ms. Ling HUANG - Value Assessment and Mission of Copyright Trading Platform


18. Mr. Lowell LO - A New Emerging OTCBB Market in China and the Way to Go


19. Mr. William LAM - HK Platform for Global Impact:  Chinese/Hong Kong Legal Sectors and the IP Practice Beyond China's  ‘One Belt One Road’ Strategy


20. Mr. Clive CHUNG - IP – Valuation and Exit


21. Mr. Martin WONG - IP – Tax Issues and Impact


22. Ms. Catherine WU - IP – Marketing


23. Mr. Robert KATZ - Chinese Investment in Israeli Technology

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