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ALBERT WAI-KIT CHAN, PH.D., J.D.  |  Biographical Information

Dr. Albert Wai-Kit Chan is the Managing Partner of the Law Offices of Albert Wai-Kit Chan, PLLC. He is a former research scientist who forged his legal career by combining his training as a molecular biologist with the emerging legal needs of the biotechnology industry in the late 1980s. Dr. Chan handles all areas of intellectual property law (including technology transfer, patents, trademarks, copyrights, business transactions, and trade secrets), and his specialty is biotechnology patents.  He is well-versed in all aspects of prosecution and litigation and is experienced in licensing, technology transfer and the evaluation of intellectual property portfolios. Dr. Chan works extensively with both U.S. and international companies.  He has helped scores of scientists and inventors obtain the intellectual property protection they need to be competitive in their fields.  His clients range from individual inventors to up-and-coming companies to well-established prestigious research institutes.


Dr. Chan has been frequently involved in transactional work in China, which includes facilitating joint ventures and contracts between East and West companies and building up clients’ intellectual property portfolios.  For those clients looking to expand their business in China, he has not only provided patent procurement services but also, equally important, patent enforcement. He has performed analysis and evaluation of clients’ intellectual property to determine the scope and securement of the protection of their intellectual property.


From 1996 through 2013, Dr. Chan taught as an adjunct professor of law at The City University of New York School of Law. His classes included intellectual property law, patent law, technology transfer, Internet and the law, food and drug law, and international business law.  He is currently adjunct associate professor in the School of Life Sciences at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and has adjunct professorship in the Department of Health Technology and Informatics at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Chan is active in a number of legal organizations including, among others, United States-China Intellectual Property Institute, Inc. (a New York Not-For-Profit Corporation) where he is founder and director.


Dr. Chan received his J.D. degree from Columbia University School of Law in New York. He was awarded his Ph.D. in virology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and he completed his postdoctoral training at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York as an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow.  Dr. Chan is a graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and he was born and raised in Hong Kong.

陈伟杰博士是美国纽约陈伟杰律师事务所的合伙人。曾为科学家的他将其在分子生物学领域的知识与生物技术产业自80年代后期不断涌现的对法律服务的需求相结合。陈博士精通知识产权法的各个领域(包括技术转让、专利、商标、版权,商业交易和商业秘密),并尤其擅长生物技术领域的专利。他熟悉专利申请及诉讼的各个环节,同时对涉及知识产权的许可证、技术转让以及对知识产权组合的市场价值评估具有丰富的经验。陈博士与众多美国本土及国际企业具有广泛合作。 他曾协助众多科学家和发明家取得知识产权保护,从而令他们在各自的领域更具竞争力。陈博士的客户包括诸多发明家,新兴科技企业,及著名研究机构。


陈博士经常参与在中国的技术发展项目,其中包括促使东西方企业之间成立合资企业,签订合同及协助客户构建知识产权组合。 针对那些旨在扩大在华业务的客户,陈博士在提供专利申请服务的同时,更提供了同样重要的专利执法服务。他亦对客户的知识产权进行分析及评估,以确定其保护范围。


在1996-2013年期间,陈博士曾在纽约市立大学法学院兼任法学教授。他任教的课程包括知识产权法、专利法、技术转让、互联网与法律、食品和药品法以及国际商法。陈博士目前在香港中文大学生命科学学院兼任副教授,在香港理工大学健康科学与信息系兼任教授。陈博士亦活跃于包括“中美知识产权协会”在内的诸多法律组织。 他创建并曾担任美中律师协会的主席。


陈博士在美国纽约哥伦比亚大学取得法学博士学位。在此之前,他在得克萨斯州休斯敦贝勒医学院取得病毒学博士学位, 并在纽约州冷泉港实验室作为美国癌症协会的博士后研究员接受培训。陈博士在香港出生,成长,并在香港中文大学获得学士学位。

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