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IP Seminar 2014 Speakers Presentation | Abstracts

1. Dr. Matthew Au - Managing IP: a Commercial Perspective on Valuing and Licensing Intellectual Property

2. Dr. Keith Chan - Innovation and Innovation Management in Biotech/Pharma Industry


3. Dr. Keith Chan - The Impact of AIA on Scientific Research and Product Development - A Primer from a Scientist to a Scientist


4. Prof. Dongmin Chen - New Policy and Practices for University IP Licensing and Technology Transfer in China


5. Mr. Charles S. Ho - Recent Changes in Chinese Design Patent


6. Dr. Yuanjia Hu - Patent: a Powerful Indicator to Measure Drug Innovation

7. Dr. Muhammed I. Hussain - Translation of Big Data into Significant Data: Where are we and where are we going


8. Mr. Al Kwok - Sustainability Development and Innovation


9. Dr. Kam Wah Law - Patent Filing Strategy in Hong Kong

10. Ms. Patricia Lecca - Future European Patent Protection Package


11. Ms. Patricia Lecca - Hatch Waxman - Business Strategies


12. Dr. Jaqueline Lui - HK as an IP Hub: a Proposal on What the Government Can Do


13. Dr. Jaqueline Lui - Patenting Natural Matters after Myriad and Mayo


14. Dr. Lewis Luk - Hong Kong Patent System Reform - Origianl Grant V. Re-registration


15. Mr. Edward Mak - Discovering New Natural Compounds and Their Protection in the Post Myriad Era Mr. Brett Shadbolt - What is Your IP Worth?


16. Dr. Yun Kau Tam - Transforming Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) To Main Stream Pharmaceuticals

17. Dr. Jie Wang - Create Environment and Culture for Innovation Via A System


18. Mr. Rong Xie - Divided Patent Infringement – U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling on Limelight vs. Akamai 

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