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IP Seminar 2016 Speakers Presentation | Powerpoint

Day 1

1. Prof. Dongmin CHEN – China’s “Bayh-Dole” Act and University IP Operation in Support of Innovation Driven Economic Development


2. Dr. Keith CHAN – Critical Biz IP/Patenting Skills for Scientists – Patent Claim Construction, Infringement Determination, Infringement Avoidance and Design Around


3. Jie WANG – Evolution and Raising of IP based Biotech/Medtec Start-ups in Mainland China: Example of SyMap Medical


4. Robert D. KATZ, Esq. – Enforcement and Defense Against U.S. Patents by Chinese Companies


5. Rong XIE, Esq. – Software Patenting after Alice – 2016 Update


6. Mr. Barry FRANKS – The Unitary Patent and the Unitary Patent Court– What’s Next?


7. Prof. Jyh-An LEE – Implementing the FRAND Standard in China and its Relationship to Innovation

8. Mr. Wen LIN – The Actualities and Puzzledom of the Anti-monopoly Execution in Mainland China

9. Dr. Kam Wah LAW and Mr. Henry LUK – Overview of Patent System in Hong Kong and the Patents (Amendment) Bill 2015


10. Mr. Jie JI – Explorations and Practices on the Financing of Intellectual Property


11. Dr. Zhongfa MA – Legal Issues on Patent Pledge Financing in China


12. Dr. Defang OUYANG – Big Data Analysis of Global Literature and Patents in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Area


13. Dr. Yongkang HUANG – An Introduction of Intellectual Property Pledge in the Mainland of China


14. Dr. Yuanjia HU – Patent Financing in China: An Empirical Study of Company X


15. Dr. Waishun LO – IP in the Open Innovation Era


16. Mr. William LIN – High-Tech Projects between China and Europe – Introduction & Roles in the Collaboration


17. Prof. King-Lau CHOW – A Sustainable Strategy to innovation


18.  Robert D. KATZ, Esq. – China and Israel Investment Cooperative Ventures


Day 2

19. Mr. Wellsey YU – The Prediction of Future Winning Patent Service Model


20. Dr. Jia WANG – Business Models for the Creative Industry and the Path for Chinese Enterprises


21. Mr. Hu WANG – A New Mathematical Model and Algorithm for Evaluating the Value of Patent Right


22. Mr. Binqiang LIU – Challenge & Advantages of NPE Practice

23. Dr. Bo HU – Copyright of Unauthorized Derivative Works

24. Prof. Haochen SUN – Copyright and the Public Interest: A Tale of Two Digital Library Litigations

25. Mr. Jinshan LIU – Bad Faith Trademark Registrations and Counter Actions

26. Mr. Billy NG – Brand Protection - From Legal, Marketing, PR to Product

27. Ms. Weizhong (Rachael) YU – How to Protect Brands in the US – Start with Trademark Registration

28. Dr. Peng CHAO – One Belt One Road – The Opportunities and Significance to Brand Macau

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